Pianist Anderson & Roe

In 2000, Anderson and Roy entered the Juilliard School of Music at the same time, and they soon established their musical partnership. They have toured in New York, Vancouver, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Italy, and several major cities in the United States. From the famous Carnegie Hall to the Children's Hospital are their performance venues. They also appeared on several large media, such as MTV, National Public Radio, and other channels, as well as several well-known music festivals, such as Cliburn Concert Series (Cliburn Concert Series), Hina Pashaer International Piano Festival (Gina Bachauer International Piano Festival) and many chamber music festivals, etc., in order to recognize their unique vision in the development of classical music, they were also invited to several international seminars, including Chicago Ideas Week (Chicago Ideas Week ), Imagine Solutions Conference, etc.


Anderson and Roy received bachelor's and master's degrees from the Juilliard School of Music, and their live performance recordings were also included in a commemorative album celebrating the centennial of the Juilliard School. In 2006, they only spent two months preparing and composing, and they published the Star Wars soundtrack "Star Wars-Four Impressions of Two Pianos" adapted from Hollywood soundtrack master John Williams. The hall replaced the original John Williams’ "Movie Serenade" concert. In addition, they also produced a groundbreaking program "Life Between the Piano Keys". This project included all the piano lessons of the Juilliard School in 2004, and also recorded the friendship between students and other things.


Elizabeth Joy Roy is also a chamber piano soloist and a pianist who often collaborates with Guan Yangqin. He is also a frequent visitor to major music festivals and concert halls around the world, such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Corto Hall in Paris, Lavena Music Festival in Chicago, Seoul Arts Center, Banff Arts Center in Canada, etc. In addition, she was invited to perform her works in a concert celebrating the centennial of the birth of the 20th-century French composer Mei Xiang at Carnegie Hall.


Anderson has won several piano competition awards, and he has joined the famous Carnegie Hall with the Sao Paulo Chamber Orchestra and has toured in North America, Asia, and Europe. He regularly performs with his piano duet partner Roy, in addition to being widely acclaimed all over the world, and has published their first two-piano CD in 2008. At the same time, as a composer, in addition to successfully adapting the works of Hollywood film composer John Williams Star Wars, his works have also been featured in Alice Tully Hall and Rose Bowl Theater ( Rose Bowl) and the National Grand Theater of China held its premiere, and was selected as "Composer of the Year" by the Minnesota Music Education Center. His works adapted for the famous group Brown Brothers and Sisters were also included in EMI and Sony. Among his albums, Anderson also made his debut on Broadway in 2005.


Anderson and Roy are convinced that their performances and videos, as well as expressing music through the Internet or articles, etc., can bring people more happiness, as mentioned in the "Echoes of the Northwest" report: cheering in the audience Zhong Anderson and Roy have swept all audiences and convinced people that there is nothing happier between them than playing the piano.


Anderson and Roy are also Steinway artists.