Pianist Peter Fang

Peter Fang, who traveled to the United States and traveled to the United States, was once known as the Boston Music Newsletter, the famous Boston Music Newspaper. He was also called by the Seattle Times as a "wunderkind" by the Seattle Times as a "prodigy". He won the championship trophy at the 2012 American Steinway Competition and won the "Chi Mei Art Award" for two consecutive years (2015 and 2016). He praised his concert for "solid and pure, introverted, musical momentary complete personal style". Fang Peter Fang’s recent dramas and films have often been invited to Europe and his character to perform solo performances and chamber music. He has traveled extensively to the University of Salzburg, Italy’s AB Monteverdi Conservatory, Michelangelo Concert Hall, New York The Paul Hall of Juilliard School, the Benaroya Concert Hall in Seattle, the Bartolo Performing Arts Center in Indiana, the Jordan Concert Hall in Boston, and other concert halls all received high praise for their performances.


Peter Fang was enlightened by his father Fang Zhengren when he was 4 years old. He entered the music class of Dongmen Elementary School in Hsinchu City at the age of 9. I started to learn composition with my passion, teacher Li Nianliang, and Professor Ke Fanglong. In his youth, he won first place in the New Town Cup of the Baroque National Piano Competition, second place in the Steinbach Taiwan Music Bamboo and Bamboo Competition, and third place in the YAMAHA National Piano Competition. 10 Absorbing bamboo, won the "Xingtian Gongyin" piano and viola double material with an adult film and won the New Youth Music and Magic Double Champion of the National Student Music Competition in the same year. 22 quiz prize, admitted to the preparatory course of Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien of the University of Music and Performing Arts (Universit1ät für). At the same time, he was admitted to the National Central Committee of the Music Class of the High School Affiliated to the Normal University with the highest score. After that, he chose to study in the Central Music Class of Taiwan Middle School, with Professor Song Yunpeng, Professor Xianda, and Professor Zhang Wen. During the school performance show, he participated in the piano trio of Professor Liao Jiahong and performed in the National Performance Hall. 


Peter Fang went to the United States in 20 years and studied with famous professors such as Ning Chen Meng Meng Hongkuan, Alexander Alexander, Alexander, Peter Selkin, Robert Levine, and Jie. Feng Yu's performance duet at the Boston Concert Hall, whose vigorous hits are well-received for the young and mature music. The New England Conservatory, the Paul Hall at the Juilliard School in New York (Paul Hall at the Juilliard School), and the Boston Symphony Hall (Symphony Hall) playing pianos such as Bebinfen Schria, Liszt, Schubert, etc. Solo Hall In 2014, I played the "Edelweiss Piano Trio" piano trio with my friends at the New England Conservatory of Music and was invited to perform many performances inside and outside the school as a representative of the school. From 2014 to 2018, he served as the assistant teacher of the famous American music camp Walnut Hill Summer Music Festival and was invited to hold piano recitals at the festival, and also cooperated with famous musicians such as Nicholas Kitchen, Yu Xiang Anjie, Ossen, etc. Performing chamber music has won good reviews. In 2017, with musician partner <Music Traveler, Music Traveler>, he performed on the Chamber Orchestra in Taipei National Performance Hall and Chinese National Theater. Including Debussy and Chopin's collections, Brahms' complete piano sonatas, etc. In addition, based on his love and affection for contemporary art, Peter Fang also premiered and recorded modern music, such as the pianos of the famous American modern composer Kenji Bunch, the professor Behzad Ranjbaran of the July School of Music, and the new generation composer Victor Kong. Solo and ensemble work.


Fang Peter Fang, Medical Lily, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, are currently studying at the Yale Conservatory of Music in full extreme sports, and are performing seminars with American legendary pianists Peter Selkin and Boris Berman Boris Slutsky Performance.